Special Offers

Below are our Christmas specials. Please don't forget to place an order for our Christmas Logs.

Christmas Special Offers

Large: $50
Small: $23

  • Buche creme citron framboise et meringue italienne
    Lemon curd, raspberry and Italian meringue log

  • Buche mousse chocolat au lait et meringue chocolat
    Belgium milk chocolate mousse log with chocolate meringue

  • Buche vanille, pomme confite et caramel mou
    Vanilla mousse with candied apple and soft caramel

  • Buche ganache chocolat noire framboise
    Chocolate ganache and raspberry log

  • Buche fondant chocolat et orange
    Chocolate fondant and orange (gluten free)

  • Buche chocolat blanc et framboise cheesecake
    White chocolate & raspberry cheesecake log

  • Buche chocolat,vanille et cacahuete carameliser
    Chocolate and vanilla mousse with caramelised peanut log  


  • Croquembouche
    Profiteroles filled with Grand Marnier Custard

    $2.40 per profiterole