Tarts & Small Cakes

Saint Germain Patisserie’s tarts are all made fresh daily in the authentic French tradition. This delicious selection of classic desserts are available in 7, 9, or 11 inch sizes.


$19.50 (7 inch round)
$28.50 (9 inch round)
$36.50 (11 inch round)








Small Cakes

Plese ask us about our selection of delicious small cakes.

$5.50 each


  • Mixed Berry & Almond Tart

    Almond and fresh berries in this delicious homemade berry tart

  • Pear & Almond Tart

    A patisserie-style tart made with pears and baked in an almond filling

  • Chocolate Tart

    The thin, crisp pastry contrasts beautifully with the generous topping of dark chocolate

  • Lemon Tart

    A delicious tart with a soft, smooth and tangy lemon filling sprinkled with icing sugar

  • Orange & Almond Tart (Gluten & dairy free)

    This orange & almond tart features crunchy almonds and is gluten and dairy free

  • Raspberry Clafoutis

    A classic French dessert with fresh raspberries and vanilla

  • Custart Tart

    Pastry crust filled with egg custard, baked and topped with glazed cherries

  • Fresh Strawberry Tart
    Delicious French dessert generously topped with fresh strawberries

    $22.50 (7 inch round)
    $31.50 (9 inch round)
    $38.50 (11 inch round)